Akash Soni (AVP-Reliance Jio; Ex BBC, Network-18, Zee News)

Fascinating views of Himalayas from the room, a huge tract of forested land linked to the main property full of local birds and butterflies and fruit trees, 5 minutes take you into a proper jungle trek, British style duplex cottage, architecture like that of a Swiss chalet, bird watching, bird sounds, a welcome host who knows all from permaculture to medicine – Dr. Maini. Not to forget food surprises and semi-outdoor to outdoor eating. I am in love with Maini’s Hill Cottage. I visit 2 to 4 times a year!

On top of it, while Mukteshwar is overly touristy Natadol, the location of Maini’s Hill Cottage is Natadol. I feel Mukteshwar is for the masses but Natadol is for the classes. Add to it the casual meetings with local artists, singers, visits to Jageshwar Mahadev, and nearby places to go are terrific! Ask for a picnic in the jungle – it is idyllic and ethereal. A place for nature lovers, those who love to meditate or want a nice time with your spouse, or for a lovely family time. Pure water, pure air, exhilarating company! That is Natadol and Maini’s Hill Cottage for me!

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Diaa Kapadia (Chef & Recipe Developer)

My stay at Maini’s Hill Cottages was most certainly the highlight of my trip. It wasn’t just the breathtaking view that got to me or how welcoming the host was. What made it stand out was how thoughtful every little detail had been, from countless books to a plethora of board games (my favourite) to the menu or how the host would want to refer to it as ‘not a menu’. The entire stay was incredibly engaging, what got through to me was the menu, and it wasn’t fixed as the host later explained. We were asked what our preferences were and the meal was designed accordingly. There was nothing ordinary about it, to say the least. All the condiments, straight from the chutneys to the jams and pickles were homemade, but they weren’t average in anyway. You’d expect it to be nice but not great because there was just so much going on within the meals itself, but every meal was exciting and I certainly ate like I had three stomachs. After such hearty meals, it was best to walk around for a bit, but Dr. Maini had thought of that too, for my family and I played mini golf for about an hour and it was designed in such a way that we walked downwards and then all the way back up. So, what I’m trying to say is you should most definitely visit this place once if not more. It is so much more than worth it 🙂

Dr. Pawan Agarwal (Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon)

We 4 families stayed for 3 days. It’s a serene location with the chirping of birds welcoming you in the morning. Wonderful view of mighty Himalayas. Being in the right time (moon phase) had the chance to see and photograph the Milky Way at night. Nice food as per ur choice, mini-golf course is added bonus. Good place for families and young couples as well.

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Sitanshu Raj (Writer & Spiritual Person, Srinagar)

We stayed for our anniversary celebration, and within a few hours, we got a succinct hunch that this was going to be our best vacation. With an air of relaxation and ease all around, there are so many great things about Maini’s Cottages. The silence of hills is meditative. The vibe of the place is subtle, pristine and rejuvenating.

A high standard of cleanliness is maintained inside. All areas are spacious and endowed with facilities for a comfortable homely stay. I enjoyed meditations and reading on a cushion in one of the attic bedrooms. Looking outside the window, the glimpse of snow-clad peaks was cherishable.

The meals served are sumptuous and palatable. The chefs and staff are willing to provide as best an experience as possible. We tried both regular Indian and local cuisines and were not disappointed even once. Our requests in regards to meals were met with the utmost care. Organic pickles and fresh herbs added newer dimensions to flavours.

The garden is a delicate balance of wilderness and cultivation. For lovers of plants, there is so much to learn. The host, Dr Shivam, knows well how to live with nature. He has an in-depth knowledge that is so easy to overlook due to his humility. Caterpillars, Himalayan birds, apples, pears, dandelions; and the list is endless. Symbiosis is maintained, and it feels like a thriving ecosystem here. As an add-on, there is a mini-golf with nine greens!

The fruits taste natural and wholesome. We had some best apples and pears of the season during the stay. There is so much to explore and exprience here. Dr Shivam suggested us a few treks in the nearby hills, which we sadly could not go for. But then, there is always a next time!

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Shreela Sen (Environment & Social Change Enthusiast)

Some properties are destinations in their own right, & this is one of them.
Completely free of any noise, crowd, yet with all sorts of modern comforts, views which are a comfort to the eyes, the choice to do nothing, or lots – indoors, or out … & great food. There is (as a conscious decision) no TV, but NONE of us actually realised that – till pointed out.
It’s not for people who don’t want to leave their city/work habits behind when on a holiday.
The rooms are truly big, 3 bedrooms (two in the first store with a skylight actually into the sky), a lounge, a dining space & 2 bathrooms to each cottage. The dining area is separate, where food’s served, outdoors, & with great views. It was cold outdoors in peak winter, but still beautiful.
The mini golf is an amazing thing. It’s not miles & miles on like the actual sport, it’s completely in-house, you get a posh feel , you spend automatic time in the
pretty, wildflower-y outdoors, in the sun, & away from screens, & since none of your group has played golf before, it’s pretty fair game! This too, is unlimited. SO, if you set your mind to it, you can actually develop your drive!
There is a huge stock of books & indoor games, from UNO to carrom, & plenty of nooks & crannies, as well as open lawns & wicker chairs, to hide away or to sprawl around, as it takes your fancy.
There’s a fantastic “un-Menu”, fab cooks who cook up mainly fab meals, unlimited beverages, be it milk-chai, lemon-chai, coffee, or chocolate milk, or black coffee … or soups – even by your own description like ” I feel like a veggie clear soup with a bit of lemon”, & they’ll serve up your craving …
We did not go on very long walks, but even the short ones are beautiful. There’s always something to find on the ground … frost, stones with a lot of mica, acorns, with caps on & off, rosette pine-cones (you gotta walk!) The kids even saw an “orange fox with pointy ears” (foxes are totally scared of humans, more so of dogs, they won’t come near, the kids saw it from afar). Th huge trees are awe-inspiring.
The sky is so clear black at night, you would’ve forgotten that it’s actually that way. Depending on the phase of the moon & the time of the year, one can see the stars, & if enthusiastic, one can consult a sky atlas …
Ah! The bonfire! It’s just like any bonfire you attended, only better 🙂 & the fireplaces in the cottages, well! curling up on the carpet in front of a fireplae ( The ventilation of which has been personally designed by Dr Shivam) adds a little something, both to a heady cackle of friends, & to the experience of losing yourself in a piece of fiction.
Maini’s Hill Cottages is not just a place to stay, but it can easily be a complete holiday, planned to a t, which we did not, because of small kids & unpredictable weather. The best part about the experience is Dr Shivam, who is at the same time your host & a friend, always putting another woodblock in the fire, taking the kids to search for four-leaf clovers, or joining you for a round of anecdotes! He has the beautiful manner of becoming a part of you, irrespective of age, or interests!
A major part of the food is locally grown & organically grown & really fresh. Dr Shivam & his staff are really environmentally conscious & run an almost zero-wastage facility, which is not only spic- &-span, but also energy efficient, & green in environmental, & not just ornamental sense.
Stay here for a real feel of peace & really deep lungful of fresh breath!

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Dr. Vaibhav Agarwal (Photography Enthusiast)

This is the best vacation I had ever had, the place is as beautiful as heaven. The hospitality and dedication of staff is commendable, nature is at its best there and a great opportunity for nature lovers and bird photographers as well. For photographers, it’s a paradise in itself.

Marine Biessy (Teacher, Travel & Tourism Professional – France)

Excellent moment en famille (avec plein de jeux sur place), magnifique location proche de la nature ! Cottage très bien aménagé… Très bonne nourriture et le propriétaire nous chouchoutte ! Je recommande vivement !

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English Translation –

Excellent family time (with lots of games on-site), magnificent rental close to nature! Very well furnished cottage … Very good food and the owner pampers us! I highly recommend it!

Brigadier J K Narang

As we leave today, the feeling of wish we were staying another day persists!!

What a warm and hospitable team of people have taken care of us!! The cottage is cosy and beautiful and all the details are taken care of. The outside scenery a reflection of heaven. Truly a home away from home.

Thank you Maini Cottage team.

Dr. Deepa Giridhar Kamath (Mangalore)

Our stay at Maini’s Hill Cottages was a very beautiful experience. The cottages are well maintained with all the facilities. There was a library with books for all ages. There were games for children. We could also enjoy the Himalayas at close range. We also had a tour of the while place which was wonderful. The food was awesome – taking care of details. I recommend this as a heavenly place. (May 2019)

Dr. Bhrigu Nath Khanna

Paradise in Uttarakhand. Cottages are in extremely beautiful surroundings and u can enjoy serene beauty with snow peaks of Nandadevi, Trishul etc from ur room only. U can enjoy trekking, birds watching, mouth watering delicious food, with great hospitality.

Sudipto Roy (Banker & Birding Enthusiast, NCR)

I am quite pleased to find a hidden retreat like these cottages.

Both cottages afford an immediate view of the entire valley in front, and the full range of snow peaks. You can amble around the huge property dotted with a variety of fruit trees and flowers, and Mr. Maini will be happy to give you a full tour of the property and neighbouring trails. They also run a neat kitchen and are happy to support you with any of your gastronomic demands, made to your culinary specification.

Shubham Malhotra (Healthcare Professional, Kanpur)

My stay at Maini’s Hill Cottages was an exemplary experience…. Bestowed with breathtaking views and fruits laden orchards… this place had a heavenly ambiance. Magnificent cottages with polite and friendly staff added bliss to my trip.

5 STAR rating is beyond doubt and definitely looking forward to the next Mukteshwar and Almora trip, more so for the stay.

Olena (Ukraine)

Красивая местность вокруг и очень уютный домик

Останавливались всей семьей в одном из коттеджей. Красивая местность вокруг и очень уютный домик. Понравилось что самому можно без проблем приготовить/разогреть еду, т к в коттедже есть отдельная собственная кухня со всем необходимым, удобно с маленькими детьми.

(Beautiful countryside around and very cozy cottage. We stayed as a family in one of the cottages. Beautiful countryside around and a very cozy cottage. I liked that the most you can easily cook/reheat food that is in a separate cottage has its own kitchen with everything you need, comfortable with small children.)