Surrounded by fruit orchards and dense forests, facing the majestic snow peaks, with fresh air all around, this is our home. We constructed two villas next to each other for ourselves and developed some open areas and corners to relax. We started enjoying the slow life here. Growing fruits and vegetables, meeting the lovely local folks, and occasional get-togethers with our neighbors and friends. Some of our friends stayed with us and influenced us to open our place to some discerning guests as well. Now, we run a homestay here.

A Focus on Sustainability

From the day we started, our focus has been on environmental sustainability primarily. We have planted lots of trees already on our small land, and still, we keep on planting more and more. Sometimes, the number of plants we want to plant seems much more than even the land we have. We are carbon-negative. Our consumption of goods is restricted due to our minimalistic way of living. We don’t buy anything until and unless there is an actual need for it. No disposable crockery or plastic bags are used by us. From conserving water to harvesting alternate sources of energy, we are doing whatever we can within our means, to help our planet. Even all our lights are solar-powered. All our wastewater gets reused. We also collect rain water and also use traditional methods like making trenches to help replenish the groundwater. Our farming practices involve no use of chemicals or harmful pesticides. Do take a look at some of the things that we have been doing – Environment & Social Work

From Farm to Plate

We enjoy cooking for our guests. Some of the recipes have been in our family for generations. Most of the herbs and vegetables are grown by us using natural farming and organic farming methods. We also use many wildflowers and wild herbs that grow in this region. As far as possible, we try to source chemical-free/organic produce. We support the local farmers and give priority to them when we have to buy vegetables. Delicious and healthy food is what we always offer to our guests. (Dine With Us!)

Our fruit orchard is a mix of forest trees and fruit trees planted by us. Delicious organically grown fruits now await our guests in the fruits’ season. (Fruit Orchard at Maini’s Hill Cottages)

In Sync with Nature …

Our efforts are guided by nature. It teaches us what to do and how to do it. For example, the pathways in our orchard are a result of how people went around on their own. Those trails are now our pathways. We noticed a patch of dense oaks in one corner. They provided good shade in the summers and the sun peeped underneath them in the winters. Many of us used to rest here. So now, we created a sitting area here. Even our farming and gardening are guided by nature (Learning Farming from Nature).

Life at Maini’s Hill Cottages

Our cottages are simple, but with all the essential comforts. We don’t have a television, but we believe, the view of the valley and mountains in front is far better than that. A mismatch of cups, or some comfortable chairs here and there, rewilded garden, a rustic feel, a warm cup of chai in the cool breeze, or juice from local flowers and berries in summer afternoon… these things and many more give character to our place. There are no computer games, but we do have an ample amount of board games and books, and a perfect setting: with a cozy crackling fire in the winters, or a gentle cool breeze under an old tree in the summers.

Come, Enjoy our Hospitality

For us, hospitality is a passion that is guided by our own family values and traditions. We welcome guests as our own family or friends. In fact, many of our guests who have stayed with us are now our good friends. Quite a lot of them visit us again and again. Meeting people, discussing various topics, enjoying food, and exploring the nature around us – these are things that we want, and running a homestay has enriched our lives too.

We are not a professional group running a huge resort or a hotel. Ours is a small homestay but our hearts are large. Do visit us and experience some unforgettable moments in this ‘devbhoomi’, the land of Gods.

Come as our guests and leave as our friends.