The cottages are located in a very beautiful area surrounded by forests, gardens and fruit orchards. Go for a long walk, relax and spend your vacation with leisure, enjoy being a part of the local culture and feel proud of not having harmed the nature in any way by enjoying the eco-tourism that we promote.

(Please let us know if you need a vehicle for traveling around. We can arrange for taxis for local sightseeing and day trips)

Local Sight-seeing

Saim Devta’s Temple, a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is just a small walk from the cottages. Being located on a hill-top, it offers beautiful views of the surrounding region. Dense forests on one side and the orchards on the other. (Do read this – Saim Devta Temple)

Forest Trails – Our team can take you on a trek through the nearby forest. It’s a good opportunity to learn about the local flora & fauna. Many interesting birds can be spotted on the way and if you are lucky, you might even see a deer or a fox. (Forest Walks)

Bird Watching – Go for an early morning trek on the road-side and through some pedestrian tracks to spot the birds. There are over 100 species of birds that can be spotted in the region. (Birds of Natadol)

Trekking by Mountain Stream – Less than 5KM from our cottages, in Natadol itself, are a few mountain streams. With rocky beds, there are numerous small cascades and water-holes. Ask us for details when you visit us. (Brooks & Creeks of Natadol)

Mukteshwar Temple is 25 KM away. It is a famous Hindu temple, also dedicated to Lord Shiva. Chauli Ki Jaali, a rock formation with a good view of the valley is located nearby. IVRI is an old research institute which is located just before the temple and has a dense forest of deodars. There is a PWD guest house too with a small garden, at a walking distance from IVRI, and the famous author and hunter, Jim Corbett is said to have spent quite a long time here.

Shree Kalyanika Devasthanam Ashram (Dol Ashram), a secluded and beautiful religious center is just 9 KM away. This center has a Vedic school, temples, and a large meditation center. The construction is modern and the ashram is maintained very clean.

Ancient Temples of Lord Vishnu and Shiva. These are on way to Dol Ashram. Surrounded by Deodar trees, the temples are located deep into the forest around a mountain stream. It is a very serene place. (Ancient Vishnu Temple)

Bhalughat waterfall is a quiet secluded place with a small waterfall. Literally meaning the ‘river bank for the bears’, this place is located at 27 KM from the cottages, the waterfalls can be accessed after a short trek from the road.

Day Trips

Jageshwar (55 KM)

It is located after a 2-hour drive through dense pine and deodar forests. The drive itself is mesmerizing. These temples were built between the 7th and 12th centuries and therefore show different architectural styles. The temples are clustered in two large groups.
The larger group of temples is in Jageshwara itself with 120 temples. Some of these are held in very high esteem. The Kedarnath temple in this group finds a special place in Hinduism.
Dandeshwara Temples – these form the smaller group of 15 temples which are also located close by.
Vridha Jageshwara is another temple that should be visited in this region. It is located a little distance away on a hill-top.

Almora (53 KM)

The Chand dynasty capital is a beautiful hill town, commonly referred to as the cultural capital of Kumaon. Chitai Golu Devta temple, Nanda Devi temple and Kalimath (Kasar Devi) are famous temples in Almora. The central market in Almora is a good place for finding local products.
Lakhudiyar, is also located close to Almora. The name means one lakh caves. This is an important pre-historic site where fascinating prehistoric rock paintings were discovered. The place is surrounded by pine trees. The shortest route is via Lohaghat-Devidhura-Almora road which passes next to Trinethra Rudra Mahadev Temple. Dharmsala is another interesting place on the way for a relaxing walk in the pines, especially after the rains.
Katarmal, an ancient sun-temple in ruins, is an enchanting place for photographers and trekkers. Gananath Temple is also well known for its caves and naturally dripping water.

Devi Dhura (39 KM) (Devi Dhura & Maa Barahi Temple)

Maa Baarahi Temple is a nice cave temple. The route is through dense oak and deodar forests. The rock-cut temple is very famous for its religious fair which features a stone-pelting Holi. There is a rock nearby which is said to have been split by Bheem in one sword blow.

Bhimtal (44 KM)

A hill town around a lake. Boat rides on the lake are loved by visitors. Naukuchiatal and Sat-Tal are two more lakes located very close to Bhimtal and are popular tourist destinations. Golu Devta temple at Bhowali is also a must-visit.

Nainital (58 KM)

A hill town bustling with activity with a large lake in the center. Tourist attractions include – a boat ride on the lake, walk on the mall road along the lake, rope-way ride to Tiffin Top (a picnic spot), Naina-Devi temple, zoo and new attractions like the eco-cave gardens.

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Enhance your photography skills

Once in a while, we conduct photography courses in our cottages. For more information, visit – Photography Courses

Even at times when there are no photography courses being conducted, some of our photography coaches spend their time with us. They will be more than happy to guide you if you are interested in photography.

Practice your putting

We have a 18-hole private mini-golf course. Whether you are a seasoned golfer looking forward to practicing some putting or a beginner interested in having some fun, do try out this course. Nature-Trail Mini Golf