Imagine the feeling of enjoying a vacation in a lovely home and with services better than a hotel or resort. That is what we provide in our homestay.

This is our home, but now the place is not occupied by our family from time to time, so we give it out to discerning guests, who want to enjoy a vacation with a difference.

Cottages in Spring
Cottages in Spring

1. Home Away from Home Experience

Homestays are first and foremost a home. There is a feel of a home. Nooks and corners give a peek into the family that owns it. From decor to personal belongings, all are about the life and taste of the owners. The warmth of the atmosphere puts one to ease. We feel that there is a general aura of comfort and a personal feel.

2. New Destinations / Unexplored Regions

Some homestays are located on some very off-the-beaten tracks. Ours is ! We are located close to a village and a patch of dense forest, away from crowded hill-stations. We recommend new places to visit, uncrowded and pristine. People like us can guide you to some really interesting unexplored places. Be one with nature and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Travel to places that are not charted out in tourist guides.

Learning Photography
Learning Photography

3. Learn New Skills

When you stay in a homestay like ours, you get a chance to learn many new things. Our guests have improved their photography skills and learned new natural farming methods. Some have even tried their hands at cooking. Sometimes we learn from them and sometimes they learn from us. Quite frequently, some really interesting discussions happen at the meals too.

4. Authentic Local Experience of the Culture

Being far from the cities, the region still retains its culture. Festivals are celebrated in full magnificence. Folktales, local anecdotes, ways of living, and folk music are an integral part of the experience here. Enjoy short treks through the village, interact with the village children, and listen to the stories from village elders. It’s a totally immersive experience in our culture. Sit around and enjoy some nice storytime.

5. Freedom of a Homestay

Homestay provides a personalized experience. You decide the menu. You can roll around on the grass, sit in one of the cozy corners, or maybe just hang around on the driveway enjoying a leisurely stroll. There is the freedom to enjoy your holiday the way you want to.

Just sitting around in the garden with your loved ones, is time well spent.

6. More Peace, More Quality Time

No blaring music. No loud crowds. In fact, no crowds at all. Just peace and quiet. You might hear birds chirping, wind rustling the leaves, some distant voices… it’s all very peaceful. You can spend some quality time with your family or friends. Even when alone, this is a good way to gather up your thoughts and enjoy the time. Mindful vacationing all the way!

7. Delicious Food

We prepare food in our kitchen, using ingredients, most of which are organically grown and locally sourced. Menu, that is customized to your taste and liking, cooked in traditional styles, with a homely atmosphere. And above all, it’s all very healthy. Some of the things we prepare are our family recipes that have been taught from one generation to other. We have also learned some interesting dishes from our guests too.

We run an open kind of kitchen. If you are interested in cooking or learning something new, feel free to ask. This is our home kitchen and here the motto is more the merrier.

It's nice to relax among Wild Flowers
It’s nice to relax among Wild Flowers

8. Revel in Good Company / Make New Friends

We spend time with our guests. We are there as close friends all the time but if you need time with yourself, we respect that too. Our team members are also within easy reach. What’s more? Villagers also look forward to welcoming you.

9. Space and More Space

All around the homestay, there is open space. Garden to roam, orchard to pick fruits from, and various places to sit. Even the homestay itself provides ample amount of space. Here the whole property seems to be welcoming our guests, and not just a personal room. This feeling of space is quite restful for our minds too.

In a hotel, you get access to your room only or at times a small balcony attached to your room. Whereas at Maini’s Hill Cottages, the cottages themselves are spacious. You will have your room/cottage, can enjoy the mornings on the terrace. For evening tea you can sit in the garden. Altogether, you will have access to more space at a lesser price.

10. Homestays are Cool

Each homestay is a reflection of its host. Homestays have a personal touch, a homely vibe, and warmth. The place is very different. Seasoned vacationers and families now find staying in homestays cool. Far more cool factor than other standardized hotels. Upload the pics to social media, rave about the personalized experience, and come out shining like a true traveller who enjoys exploring.

So, this time when you pack your bags to explore a new place with your family, think Maini’s Hill Cottages!

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