My stay at Maini’s Hill Cottages was most certainly the highlight of my trip. It wasn’t just the breathtaking view that got to me or how welcoming the host was. What made it stand out was how thoughtful every little detail had been, from countless books to a plethora of board games (my favourite) to the menu or how the host would want to refer to it as ‘not a menu’. The entire stay was incredibly engaging, what got through to me was the menu, and it wasn’t fixed as the host later explained. We were asked what our preferences were and the meal was designed accordingly. There was nothing ordinary about it, to say the least. All the condiments, straight from the chutneys to the jams and pickles were homemade, but they weren’t average in anyway. You’d expect it to be nice but not great because there was just so much going on within the meals itself, but every meal was exciting and I certainly ate like I had three stomachs. After such hearty meals, it was best to walk around for a bit, but Dr. Maini had thought of that too, for my family and I played mini golf for about an hour and it was designed in such a way that we walked downwards and then all the way back up. So, what I’m trying to say is you should most definitely visit this place once if not more. It is so much more than worth it 🙂