Some properties are destinations in their own right, & this is one of them.
Completely free of any noise, crowd, yet with all sorts of modern comforts, views which are a comfort to the eyes, the choice to do nothing, or lots – indoors, or out … & great food. There is (as a conscious decision) no TV, but NONE of us actually realised that – till pointed out.
It’s not for people who don’t want to leave their city/work habits behind when on a holiday.
The rooms are truly big, 3 bedrooms (two in the first store with a skylight actually into the sky), a lounge, a dining space & 2 bathrooms to each cottage. The dining area is separate, where food’s served, outdoors, & with great views. It was cold outdoors in peak winter, but still beautiful.
The mini golf is an amazing thing. It’s not miles & miles on like the actual sport, it’s completely in-house, you get a posh feel , you spend automatic time in the
pretty, wildflower-y outdoors, in the sun, & away from screens, & since none of your group has played golf before, it’s pretty fair game! This too, is unlimited. SO, if you set your mind to it, you can actually develop your drive!
There is a huge stock of books & indoor games, from UNO to carrom, & plenty of nooks & crannies, as well as open lawns & wicker chairs, to hide away or to sprawl around, as it takes your fancy.
There’s a fantastic “un-Menu”, fab cooks who cook up mainly fab meals, unlimited beverages, be it milk-chai, lemon-chai, coffee, or chocolate milk, or black coffee … or soups – even by your own description like ” I feel like a veggie clear soup with a bit of lemon”, & they’ll serve up your craving …
We did not go on very long walks, but even the short ones are beautiful. There’s always something to find on the ground … frost, stones with a lot of mica, acorns, with caps on & off, rosette pine-cones (you gotta walk!) The kids even saw an “orange fox with pointy ears” (foxes are totally scared of humans, more so of dogs, they won’t come near, the kids saw it from afar). Th huge trees are awe-inspiring.
The sky is so clear black at night, you would’ve forgotten that it’s actually that way. Depending on the phase of the moon & the time of the year, one can see the stars, & if enthusiastic, one can consult a sky atlas …
Ah! The bonfire! It’s just like any bonfire you attended, only better 🙂 & the fireplaces in the cottages, well! curling up on the carpet in front of a fireplae ( The ventilation of which has been personally designed by Dr Shivam) adds a little something, both to a heady cackle of friends, & to the experience of losing yourself in a piece of fiction.
Maini’s Hill Cottages is not just a place to stay, but it can easily be a complete holiday, planned to a t, which we did not, because of small kids & unpredictable weather. The best part about the experience is Dr Shivam, who is at the same time your host & a friend, always putting another woodblock in the fire, taking the kids to search for four-leaf clovers, or joining you for a round of anecdotes! He has the beautiful manner of becoming a part of you, irrespective of age, or interests!
A major part of the food is locally grown & organically grown & really fresh. Dr Shivam & his staff are really environmentally conscious & run an almost zero-wastage facility, which is not only spic- &-span, but also energy efficient, & green in environmental, & not just ornamental sense.
Stay here for a real feel of peace & really deep lungful of fresh breath!

(From TripAdvisor)