Winters are blessed with snow. The landscape starts to transform into a winter wonderland with frost. Once the snow falls, the transformation gets completed. Everything looks pretty, covered in fresh white snow.

Maini's Hill Cottages after Snowfall
Maini’s Hill Cottages after Snowfall

The pure snow has a spell of magic to it. Somehow it lifts even the lowest of spirits and brings about a feeling of joy. It spreads joy and felicity all around. The landscapes take a new look.

View from Lawn
With a cover of snow, even simple landscapes look beautiful. This is our Lawn.

The cottages are blessed with snow every winter. No one can say when the snowfall will occur but every night when we tuck ourselves in our cozy beds, we just hope that the next morning will be a white one

Maini's Hill Cottages after Snowfall
Maini’s Hill Cottages after Snowfall. The dark clouds and white snow, with their blue tint, make the scene almost magical.

Snow is one of the two most awaited things in winters. The other is the early morning winter sun lighting up the snow-covered peaks.

View from Room
View from Room. Everything looks so pure and beautiful in white.

All the tall oaks, deodars, pines, and fruit trees get covered with snow that drips down as water droplets under the warmth of the sun. Snow is important for fruit trees. A white winter means a bounty of fresh fruits in the following summers.

Snow-covered Mini-Golf
Snow-covered Mini-Golf

Our Nature-Trail Mini Golf gets covered with snow. It looks marvelous.

Simple objects like road-signs, rocks, fences, and even old wooden logs take a new look. A fresh coat of snow is all that is required to decorate even the simplest of objects. This marvelous new look excites even the most laid-back individuals.

Going for a long walk and observing one's own footprints is blissful
Going for a long walk and observing one’s own footprints is blissful. This is the main road at Natadol.

After playing around in the snow, spending some quality time with family and friends in the cottages is what makes the season still more fun.

Fresh white snow over on our deck
Fresh white snow over on our deck

… and then once again back to the cottage, to enjoy the view from our snow-covered deck.

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