Fascinating views of Himalayas from the room, a huge tract of forested land linked to the main property full of local birds and butterflies and fruit trees, 5 minutes take you into a proper jungle trek, British style duplex cottage, architecture like that of a Swiss chalet, bird watching, bird sounds, a welcome host who knows all from permaculture to medicine – Dr. Maini. Not to forget food surprises and semi-outdoor to outdoor eating. I am in love with Maini’s Hill Cottage. I visit 2 to 4 times a year!

On top of it, while Mukteshwar is overly touristy Natadol, the location of Maini’s Hill Cottage is Natadol. I feel Mukteshwar is for the masses but Natadol is for the classes. Add to it the casual meetings with local artists, singers, visits to Jageshwar Mahadev, and nearby places to go are terrific! Ask for a picnic in the jungle – it is idyllic and ethereal. A place for nature lovers, those who love to meditate or want a nice time with your spouse, or for a lovely family time. Pure water, pure air, exhilarating company! That is Natadol and Maini’s Hill Cottage for me!

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