Come relax in our cottages

Both the Cottages are finished in the traditional look with stone and wood-work. The rooms are painted in light colors. The cottages are clean, tidy, and comfortable to stay at. Quality and cleanliness are of the utmost importance to us. The cottages have an old-world charm but with modern facilities. The construction and furnishing have been done using concepts of Vedic origin as well as recommendations from modern medicine.

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Facilities in each cottage:

Living Room
Large room with windows overlooking the majestic Himalayas. On a clear day, the snow-covered peaks can be seen. The layout of this north-facing room is as per Vedic principles but with a modern touch. There is an energy-efficient fireplace in the living room. The room is furnished with comfortable teak wood sofas, some chairs, and a center table. The connected room next to it has seating for 6 persons to enjoy a cup of coffee / tea or for enjoying some board games.

2 Bedrooms (+1 Extra Bedroom)
The cottage has one large master bedroom on the ground floor and a cozy second bedroom on the first floor. Apart from the two main bedrooms, we also have a third room on the first floor, which can be used as an extra bedroom. All the bedrooms are furnished with comfortable double-beds with fluffy quilts for you to tuck yourself in. Each cottage is suitable for families/groups of up to 4 to 5 people.

2 Bathrooms
There is one bathroom on each floor with modern amenities. The doors do not open directly into bedrooms so as to maintain positive energy in the bedrooms, but are still located close to them.

Sitting Area / Deck / Gardens
The property has various sitting areas, and nooks & corners. These can be fun places to enjoy the fresh mountain air and soak up some sun.

Amenities in the cottage also include

  • Luxury linen of the very best quality
  • Mattresses of high standards to ensure a comfortable sleep
  • Environment-friendly toiletries of international quality
  • Work desk with a view of the valley and distant mountains
  • Complimentary tea and coffee
  • Complimentary packed snacks
  • Complimentary fresh fruits (during the fruits season)
  • Free Wi-Fi (Internet)

Other facilities in the property:

  • Kitchen service where the food is prepared fresh and as per the order, using organic products, homegrown herbs and vegetables, and high-quality ingredients. The cook is a full-time employee and excels in preparing various delicacies while maintaining high standards of hygiene and quality. This is the same standard food that we enjoy while we are there. (Dine With Us!)
  • Outdoor dining area, surrounded by apple trees and other beautiful plants. Located close to the kitchen, this is the ideal place to enjoy meals.
  • 18-hole Mini-Golf Course (Nature-Trail Mini Golf)
  • Secure parking place within the property.
  • Housekeeping service from 11:00 AM to 5 PM every day.
  • A fence surrounds the whole property, ensuring safety and privacy.
  • Surrounded by fruit orchards. Pick and eat fresh fruits.
  • Open play area for children.
  • Garden spans every nook and corner of the property.
  • Special area and assistance for barbecue.
  • Bon-fire.
  • Medical help and doctor available, any time of the day.

(Some of the facilities and amenities e.g- wood for bonfire and fireplace, coal for barbecue etc. are charged extra. Please confirm with us when in doubt.
Not all the facilities may be available all the time. If it is something specific that you are looking for, let us know.)

Why us?

There are hundreds of cottages available on rent in the region but we take pride in providing our own actual homes for people to stay. These are not constructed for business but for our own use. This basic reason itself ensures that the cottages are maintained with cleanliness. The living conditions are comfortable.

Based on Vedic principles, the cottages are done up so as to provide high levels of positive energy and mental peace to the residents. There are minute details that have been taken care of to ensure an atmosphere of purity, peace, and serenity.

These cottages are very safe to stay at. No fear from intruders, wild animals or forces of nature. We do not like people intruding into our personal space and so we have ensured the same for our guests. Each cottage is given out to a single-family/group.

There is a team of dedicated workers. They ensure that you have an enjoyable and relaxing vacation.

We are green! Our cottages are completely environment-friendly. The power supply is from the sun. All the water and waste gets recycled. We also take various other initiatives to help the environment. For details, see this – Environment

COVID-19 : Put your mind at ease. We have very strict protocols to ensure your safety. We are very concerned and careful. Do check out our COVID-19 Response.

What we do not have –

There is no TV. No streaming movies or programs. Why we don’t have it? For the simple reason that we want you to enjoy the place. Go for a walk, talk with your family/friends, play some games, discuss matters, tell jokes and stories, sing or simply read a book.

The toilets are not attached! They are within the cottage and are still quite comfortable to use. This has been done to keep up with the Vedic principles and also to ensure an overall good feeling when you stay with us.

When you stay with us, detoxify your body from all the digital nuisances too. Use your phone also minimally.