With the onset of spring season, flowers start to appear everywhere. Apart from the wild flowers, hills also get covered by blossoming fruit trees. These blossoms cover up the whole of the trees with almost no leaves visible.

Plum Tree
Plum tree in full blossom

The winter has now ended and the trees that went into hibernation are starting to wake up. The buds swell up and the flowers cover the whole of the tree. Leaves usually are late to follow up.

Peach, Apricot and Plums are the first trees to blossom. Peach flowers are bright pink in color, apricots are light pink and the plum flowers are white. Pear follows these and the last ones to blossom are the Apples.

Apricot Blossoms
Apricot Blossoms – Pink flowers cover up the whole tree while the leaves are still forming.

These flowers attract a lot of bees that help in pollination. When there is a good number of flowers and bees, we expect a bountiful produce of fruits.

Blossoms on Plum
Plum blossoms are also pale white in color.

Sitting under these trees, when the quiet is disturbed by the buzzing bees and scented by the flowers, is an experience in itself.

Peach Blossoms
Peach Blossoms – deep pink flowers with long stamens

Apples are a different story in themselves. One of the late flowering trees, the blossoming is spread over many weeks.

Apple Blossom
Apple Blossom

The flowers are usually white with pink accents but some cultivars have pink streaks as well.

Apple Blossoms
Apple Blossoms

With such a beautiful spring, is it not natural to long for the hills and take a walk in these orchards… smell the flowers … feel the cool air… enjoy the dance of bees ?

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