Natadol is an unexplored region when it comes to birding. Dense forests, some amount of agricultural activities, fruit trees, and scattered natural water springs, makes this an ideal location for the birds to thrive.

Small birds like sparrows, tits, canaries, finches and many others can be fun to spot. Watching their antics is a wonderful way to enjoy nature.

Birds in Natadol live in close harmony with the villagers. It is not uncommon to see swallows building their nests inside shops, magpies stealing fruits from orchards, bulbuls trying to balance themselves on slanting roofs. For birders and bird-photographers, Natadol is a must-visit place.

Yellow-vented Himalayan Bulbul
Yellow-vented Himalayan Bulbul

There are more than 100 species of birds in the forests surrounding Natadol. Depending on the season and your spotting abilities, you may find many of these.

Verditer Flycatcher
Verditer Flycatcher – Pic by Mr. Sanjay Tiwari

Yellow, Blue, Red, Orange, Green… these birds sport a lot of different colors. Some merge well with the foliage and others stand out well and are easily spotted.

Mistle Thrush
Mistle Thrush – Lovely bird with leopard like spots on its belly.

Some of the birds which can be easily spotted here are – Magpies, Shrikes, Woodpeckers, Swallows, Warblers, Doves, Bulbuls, Flyeaters, Bee-eaters, Barbets, Hoopoe, Myna, Munia, Minivets, Nuthatch, Tree-creepers, Finches, Wagtails, Munias, Tits, Thrushes.

Spotted Dove
Spotted Dove

Larger birds like – Hawks, Kites, Vultures, Eagles, and Buzzards can be seen flying in the valley on sunny days. If you are lucky, you might also spot some colorful Pheasants, Monals, Owls, and Owlets.

Black-headed Jay and Rhododendron
Black-headed Jay on Rhododendron

When you venture out for birding, carry these things along – a pair of binoculars, a good field guide, a camera, drinking water, and a trekking stick. Ask us and we will advise you which routes to walk on. Though the treks are small, we recommend going bird-watching only if you and your group members are comfortable walking for long distances.

Woodpecker on an old apricot tree.
Woodpecker on an old apricot tree in our garden.

Apart from the birds, some animals can also be easily spotted in the region like Deers, Martens, Foxes, Squirrels, Wild Cats, and sometimes Wild Boars.

We always say – Don’t take anything from the forest except memories/photos and don’t leave anything behind except your footprints.

Sparrow on Apricot
Sparrow on Apricot. Flowers and fruits attract these small birds.

So, plan your visit, stay with us and witness the wonderful bird of these Himalayan birds. Take away memories that you can cherish for life and photographs that you can show to your friends.

Shrike, planning to take-off from the bush

We promote ethical birding and bird-photography. There are some strict guidelines that we follow, that we will discuss before going for a trek. If you love nature, the sound of chirping birds, the smell of wildflowers, then do plan a bird-watching trek.

Green Backed Tit
Small birds like this Green-backed Tit are very attractive to look at and kids love them.

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Do check this out and upload your observations too.
(Remember that when in doubt err on the lower side. We want to keep the list as accurate as possible)

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