With the onset of autumn or fall, as it is lovingly called, the trees all around us start to play with colors. The leaves turn yellow and go through various shades of reds and brown before falling on the ground.

Autumn in Kumaon
Autumn in Kumaon – A wonderful time to go for long drives

The autumn starts from October and extends well into mid of December. Unlike the cold countries, this part of India has extended autumn, with some of the trees shedding their leaves just before the snowfall. This is a wonderful time to drive around in the winding hill roads.

Autumn Up Close
Bright yellow-red leaves with the dark tree form natural pieces of artwork, to be admired and felt

The trees take turns to shed their leaves. The first ones are apples, followed by plums, grapes, and apricots. Peach leaves take a deep red color and shed almost at the end of Autumn. Among the forest trees, chestnuts and walnuts are some of the easily recognized trees with their bright colors of leaves, standing out against the backdrop of evergreen oaks, deodars, and rhododendrons.

Aspens’ leaves dance in the autumn wind and cover the ground with their leaves within a few days. Sometimes the colorful maples and beech can also be spotted, which are not originally from this region but were planted during the British era.

Yellow leaves in front of evergreens
Lone tree with yellow leaves before a background of evergreens and conifers.

Take a walk or go for a long drive. The smell of moist earth with dew on the fallen dried leaves gives a very refreshing feeling. A short walk in such surroundings is enough to rejuvenate oneself.

Red Leaves against Blue Sky
Brown Leaves against Blue Sky are a sight to behold

Autumn is a magical moment for these trees. Come to the hills and witness this transformation. Feel the dew drops with your hands and smell the sweet sweet smell of the earth.

Yellow Leaves
Sometimes the bunch of yellow leaves can be so dense that their outlines get merged with each other

“And the leaves that are green turn to brown,
And they wither with the wind,
And they crumble in your hand.” – Simon and Garfunkel (Leaves that are Green)

Drive to Maini's Hill Cottages
On way to our cottages – a kaleidoscope of autumn colors contrasting with evergreens.

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