With the onset of monsoons, the rainy season, Kumaon hills get dotted with small cascades and waterfalls.  The gurgling clear water flowing over the rocks is a sight to enjoy.

Mountain Stream
Mountain stream cascading over a bed of rocks

The route to the cottages has many small mountain streams that form beautiful cascades and waterfalls. Even at places where there are no rivers but just a slope, the clear rainwater gathers up and forms a waterfall. These can be witnessed on the roadside itself while driving leisurely.

A small waterfall en-route to Natadol

These small waterfalls are just a couple of meters high but being just next to the road makes them a beauty to look at. In fact, there are a couple of high waterfalls too in the region. Do plan a visit to them, especially after the rainy season.

Mountain Stream
Another cascading mountain stream in a forest, next to the road to Natadol

Driving in the rainy season is beautiful. Greenery all around, flowing water, and occasional water droplets from the overhanging trees. Birds also enjoy this weather and many varieties can be easily spotted near the water bodies.

There are hidden streams to be discovered. Surrounded by thick vegetation and forests, only the locals know about these. The cascades and waterfalls formed by them, untouched by humans, are enchanting.

Another small waterfall next to the road

As the rainy season advances, the rivers and streams get completely filled with water and many more new waterfalls emerge on the roadsides. With the end of the rainy season, the water levels start to go down over the next few months and by summers most of these waterfalls and cascades again disappear.

Flowing river
The rocks in the mountain streams have various levels marked on to them by the water. This photograph from early in the season shows the white salt deposits on the lower side of rocks, indicating the level to which the rivers fill up in rains

Depending on the amount of rain during the rainy season, the amount of water in these cascades and waterfalls also varies. Regardless of the amount of water, they look beautiful. The thin silky curtain-like waterfalls, with just a little amount of water, have a different kind of charm, compared to a waterfall with a thick white stream.

Rainwater falling over the rocks has formed a beautiful cascade

Ask us on your visit about these waterfalls and we will be happy to guide you to them. Two of the big waterfalls in the region are slowly and slowly becoming a popular spot but still far from being crowded. Be sure to be armed with your camera and a picnic basket!

Cascades on the rocky beds are a sight to behold.

(Most of the photographs on this page were captured on or near the short route to Natadol. For details visit this link – Reach Us)

Natadol itself has its own creeks and brooks. Do ask us and we will guide you. (Brooks & Creeks of Natadol)


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