From late spring to autumn, our region is blessed with a bounty of fruits. Wild Fruits can be found all around. From road-sides to deep inside forests. Apart from these delicious wild fruits, we maintain a fruit orchard too. Every day, we harvest these fruits. Fresh from the farm to the plate!

Apricots, wild or hybrid… all of them are a delicacy to enjoy.

As soon as they start maturing, we get waves of fruits. The first ones are plums and apricots. It becomes hard to decide which ones are the sweetest. However, one thing is for sure. None of the fruits bought from the market have the flavour, sweetness, aroma, and texture of the fruits that are fresh plucked from the trees.

The way these apricots fill up the trees !

These delicious initial fruits make up at least one of our meals quite regularly. Pancakes with apricot syrup or caramelized peach slices! Parathas with tangy Plum chutney. Or, simply raw fruits.

Apricots in a bowl
Some cultivars of Apricots give us such large fruits that they compete with peaches in size.

Just when the plums and apricots start to end, peaches and nectarines take over the task of providing us with bounties of fruits.

These peaches are so sweet that honey bees forget the flowers when these mature, and instead make small holes to feed on their sweet sweet juice.

By the end of summers, when the rains start knocking on our doors, it’s time for Apples. We have a wide selection of apples. Gala, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Reimer, Fanny, Granny Smith, Fuji, Jeromine, McIntosh, and various other heirloom varities. Each one better than the other.

Shiny red Apples, hanging within easy reach, are always there to tempt everyone. No wonder eve could not resist the apple then.

From golden yellow, to pink, red, green, purplish red… and all the shades in between. These apples are as much a treat to look at as they are to taste.

These green beauties with just a few red streaks are extremely juicy, with a tangy and sweet taste. Kids love these!

The last fruits of the season are pears. We have over half a dozen varieties of pears. Some of them are heirloom that have been there for ages, some others are new. They are best enjoyed fresh from the trees. Some of them have a bitter peel but the aroma and the sweetness inside makes up for that.

We don’t know which pear variety is this. It looks like Red Anjou, but tastes like Comice.

Our orchards also have a selection of other fruits too. Citrous fruits like lemons and oranges, quince, mulberries, strawberries, persimmon, pomegranates, grapes, and many others.

Do explore the orchard and enjoy the fresh fruits if you happen to visit us during the fruits’ season.