Our unwavering belief in preserving nature in its true form is at the heart of our rewilding philosophy. By allowing nature to take the reins, we have successfully transformed a small patch of land into a thriving mini-forest. This sanctuary is now a haven for a diverse range of plants, insects, birds, and animals.

We take pride in our efforts to promote biodiversity and restore the natural ecosystem. Through rewilding, we have created an environment that supports and sustains various forms of life, while also providing a serene and beautiful space for us to enjoy.

Wild Flowers and Apple
Wild Flowers and an Apple Tree

In our rewilded patch, the trees have grown tall, creating a natural canopy for the shrubs and wild bushes that grow beneath them. The arrival of spring and summer brings an explosion of wildflowers, which bloom in every nook and corner. The ground is covered in dried leaves, providing a natural mulch that promotes healthy soil. Mushrooms can be found popping up here and there, while snails leisurely move around, adding to the natural charm.

Amidst this enchanting ecosystem, we also grow some of our own vegetables and fruits. By creating a sustainable environment that mimics nature, we have successfully cultivated produce that is not only delicious but also free of harmful chemicals. The coexistence of our crops with the surrounding wildlife and plant life is a testament to the success of our rewilding efforts.

Black Lored Tit
Black-Lored Tit. Many such small birds live in this wilded garden of ours.

We have taken steps to create small openings in our fence to provide safe passage for little animals such as hares, martens, foxes, cats, and even civets. In a specific area of our garden, we have intentionally left these small creatures undisturbed so that they may thrive. Additionally, the trees in this area serve as a habitat for a diverse range of birds. During your visit to our garden, you may encounter parrots flying overhead or hares darting for cover – a truly unique experience.

A place to relax in the lawn, surrounded by the ‘wild’ garden.

As we run a homestay, we understand the importance of maintaining a certain portion of our garden conventionally to meet the expectations of our guests. However, we take pride in the fact that even these areas are free of harmful chemicals and offer a welcoming habitat to a variety of little insects, including the lovely ladybirds and colorful butterflies. Our lawn and planter beds may have a conventional look, but they are designed to support the local ecosystem and promote biodiversity. (Do check this out – Maintaining a Healthy Lawn)

Pathway through the Wild Garden

Through rewilding, we are committed to doing our part for the environment by becoming increasingly carbon negative. Our mini-forest is a sanctuary, protected from human intervention.

By allowing the weeds to flourish, letting the grasses grow tall, and refraining from adding any chemicals, we have successfully restored the lost biodiversity in this small patch of land. Our efforts to rewild have enabled the return of a diverse range of flora and fauna, including species that were previously absent.

Peaks behind the Trees
Peaks behind the Trees. Tall trees in the foreground make the vistas interesting to look at.

In addition to the numerous environmental benefits, the beauty of the lush green trees, wildflowers, and colorful birds that thrive in our rewilded patch is truly remarkable.

Our fruit trees are among the highlights of this sanctuary and produce some of the most delicious fruits that we have ever tasted. While we do harvest some of the produce, we make sure to leave plenty for the birds and other wildlife that call this area home.

During your visit, we encourage you to ask us about rewilding your own garden. From embracing weeds to allowing dry leaves and twigs to remain, every effort counts towards creating a thriving ecosystem. We even have a small hotel for insects!

Kitten of a Wild Cat
Kitten of a Wild Cat. This one had beautiful black spots on the fur. It was busy observing a Grey Bushchat playing nearby.

This is about letting nature take the upper hand.