We strongly believe in keeping the nature as it is. This is what Wilding / ReWilding the garden is all about. By letting nature take control of things, we now have a mini forest close to us. A heaven for various plants, insects, birds, and animals.

Wild Flowers and Apple
Wild Flowers and an Apple Tree

The trees grow tall. The shrubs grow underneath, and lots of wild bushes intermingle with them. Wild flowers blossom in spring and summer, in every nook and corner. Ground is covered with dried leaves. Mushrooms pop up here and there. Snails leisurely move around.

And among this lovely tiny ecosystem, grow some of our vegetables as well as fruits.

Black Lored Tit
Black-Lored Tit. Many such small birds live in this wilded garden of ours.

We have made small openings in our fence so that little animals like hares, martens, foxes, cats, and even civets can move around and survive. There is a small area where we never go and leave these small animals undisturbed. The trees here are home to a variety of birds. Don’t be surprised when you plan a walk in our garden and spot parrots flying overhead or hares scurrying for cover.

A place to relax in the lawn, surrounded by the ‘wild’ garden.

Since we run a homestay, we have to maintain some portion of our garden conventionally, to please the guests. So, yes, we do have a lawn and some planter beds. However, these areas are completely chemical free and home to many little insects like the lovely ladybirds and colorful butterflies. (Do check this out – Maintaining a Healthy Lawn)

Pathway through the Wild Garden

By Wilding (Re-wilding as some people prefer to call it), we are trying to do our bit for the environment by becoming more and more carbon negative. This is our mini-forest, protected from the humans.

By letting the weeds take over, grasses grow tall, and not adding any chemicals, we have been able to restore the lost biodiversity in this small patch of ours.

Peaks behind the Trees
Peaks behind the Trees. Tall trees in the foreground make the vistas interesting to look at.

The beauty of lush green trees, wild flowers, and colorful chirping birds is an added advantage!

The fruit trees that are growing in this patch, produce some of the most delicious fruits that we have ever tasted. We harvest some of the produce and also leave some for the birds and other wildlife.

When you visit us, do ask about rewilding your garden. From befriending weeds, to letting the dry leaves and twigs lie around, everything helps. We even have a small hotel for insects!

Kitten of a Wild Cat
Kitten of a Wild Cat. This one had beautiful black spots on the fur. It was busy observing a Grey Bushchat playing nearby.

This is about letting nature take the upper hand.