Every place turns beautiful with colorful sunsets. However, when it comes to Natadol, the place simply turns magical.

Maini's Hill Cottages in the evening.
A colorful evening at Maini’s Hill Cottages.

When there are some clouds in the sky, the colorful patterns are breathtaking. Every evening is different. Every moment in that evening is also different.

Sunset in front of Maini's Hill Cottages
After sunset, in front of our cottages.

Even on days, when there are no clouds, the colors can be wonderful. Sometimes, the setting sun lights up the snow-peaks in deep orange to pink glow. Commonly known as Alpenglow, even this a sight to behold.

Alpenglow on snow-peaks on one clear evening.

Sometimes the sky remains covered with clouds and we miss the sunset. Sometimes, just at the opportune moment, the clouds open up and we witness a canvas full of colors.

The fiery colors, after a thunderstorm.

Who says that the sunsets are always warm colored? Here in Natadol, we have all the possible colors. The most beautiful ones are the mix of deep blue sky or dark grey clouds above and an area of warm colors in the middle. These are simply lovely.

Pink streak across the sky, under the clouds.
A thin pink streak across the horizon, and that’s what made this sunset so mesmerizing.

… and the warm colored sunsets, they always have a special place in our heart. The golden light of the setting sun lights up everything in a heart-warming shade.

A yellow sunset.
A late evening sky with warm colors.

Yes, sunsets are a wonderful thing to enjoy from our place. We love these colors. A cup of aromatic coffee and then watching the sky change colors. That’s what life is all about.

Sunset at Maini's Hill Cottages
What a way nature paints the sky and the cottages along with it!