What is it that makes us want to sit out at night? What is so exciting standing out at night, with all the lights dimmed or switched off?

Cottage and Garden
Late-night sitting in the garden, under the star-studded sky.

The absolutely clear atmosphere, no dust or pollution, and the absence of light pollution allow us to enjoy the starry skies. (The photographs in this article have been edited to make them brighter but in reality, the lights are so dim that it’s hard even to see a person’s expressions.)

Starry Sky at Natadol
Starry Sky in front of our cottages.

Sitting out and gazing at the sky is fun for everyone. Those interested in photography can try capturing milky way, stars, or creating star trails. Kids love to identify various planetary bodies and constellations. A lot of elders feel nostalgic remembering the countless nights they used to spend on their roofs enjoying these stars many decades ago.

Star Trails
Star Trails created as the stars move while the time passes.

Ask us, we will be able to guide you in identifying some of the common constellations and stars. For anything serious, a sky atlas will help.

Starry Sky behind our cottages
Starry Sky behind our cottages

Pre-requisites for star-gazing are – as little as possible ambient light, clear sky, and no moon. Let us know if you want to enjoy the night sky, we will cover all the garden lights and switch off the main power to the cottages.

Starry Sky above Maini's Hill Cottages
Starry Sky above Maini’s Hill Cottages

Come and join us for an evening filled with star-gazing and chilling out in the open garden till late hours! Sometimes during late summers, Milky Way can also be observed.

Milky Way
Milky Way with its Nebulae, photographed from just a short walk from our place.