Terrace farming or step-farming is a way of life in the hills. In the region around our cottages, agriculture is the main occupation. Villagers toil hard to produce some of the tastiest fruits and vegetables in the region.

Step Farms
Terrace farms look very artistic in late afternoon light.

Organic farming is the standard practice here. The vegetables like potatoes, green peas, and cauliflowers from this region taste delicious.

Potato fields on the roadside at Natadol

Distant hills with their terraces look very beautiful. They look like masterpieces waiting to be captured by someone.

Step Farms
Terrace farms dotting the hill.

Stone houses in the traditional Kumaoni style dot the hills. The farmers live there and work on their farms which are located close to their houses. Some parts between the farms are still covered with forest.

Step Farms
Terrace or Step Farming, next to a couple of traditional village houses.

Go for a trek along these terraces. Smell the wild flowers and see the crops flourishing under the bright sun. If you are lucky, you might even be able to bargain for a bag of their produce.

Step Farms
Potato and Fodder fields in the early evening light, with the fields surrounded by oak trees.

Carry a camera along. Each and every place presents a different landscape. From sprawling terrace farms, dotted with trees to dense forests. Enjoy a trek. Immerse yourself in the experience and be one with nature.

Bright green fields with the backdrop of hills.

Instead of just seeing these farms from distance, plan a walk among these! Just don’t plan a walk in the peak of winters or excessive rains.

Terrace Farms during Winters
Terrace Farms during Winters