The Himalayas consist of various ranges. Students of geography divide them into three major ranges. The lowest range is the one that is present in the Kumaon region. For many others, Himalayas is synonymous with snow-covered peaks of the other two ranges in the north. On a clear day, these snow-covered peaks can be viewed from our cottages itself.

Himalayan Peaks
Uncropped view from a 135mm lens on a full frame camera. The far left is Trishul and the peak on the right side is Nanda-Devi

Usually in the autumns, when the skies are clear and visibility high, these distant snow-covered peaks show their faces across the valley. All said and done, no mountains can match the majestic beauty of the Himalayas.

Driving to the cottages itself is bliss with the early winter setting it. The frost starts to cover the vegetation on the road side. The unmistakable bluish hue on the leaves is the first indication that the winters are just round the corner. The crisp mountain air combined with the clear view of the Himalayan peaks elates the mood even before reaching the cottages. From the first point where the peaks can be seen, it takes a little less than an hour to reach the cottages. All along the way, they keep playing hide & seek due to the winding road.

Drive to Cottages
The winding road to the cottages with a view of the snow-covered peaks in early winters

If you happen to visit us in the autumn or winter months, do carry your long telephoto lenses or binoculars. No photographs can do justice to the grandeur of these peaks, especially early in the mornings when the sun starts to light them up from top to down. Use your favourite long lens or binocular to see each and every one of these peaks. Don’t worry if you left these behind, relaxing in the garden chair, one can admire the beauty of these peaks even without any instruments.

Trishul Morning Light
Trishul lit by early morning light

The locals know how to identify the various peaks. One of the elderly villagers from the nearby Natadol village takes pride in being able to name at least twenty different peaks just by looking at the photographs of those as they can be seen from this region.

The Trishul and Nanda-Devi are the easiest to spot and identify. Discuss with the locals and learn to identify the peaks. With ease, you’ll also know the Nandakot, Gauri Parvat Panchacholi, Annapurna and many others.

Nanda Devi Sunrise
First rays of light on Nanda Devi peak

Every peak has a religious linking to it. The Himalayas are, after all, revered as the adobe of the Gods. The elders from the region will be more than happy to tell the mythologies and religious stories about each of these peaks. If you are lucky, you might even hear some interesting folklores. Just remember to say yes to their extra sweet tea with milk when offered.

Pink peaks
Pink Peaks – That’s how they appear sometimes after sunset.

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