On rainy days or cold winter mornings, where there is ample free time, creativity starts to flow. What started as a home-decoration project is now a passion too. Along with me, now some ladies from the nearby village are also getting interested in this.

I sell hand-made crochet, knit-wear, and specially crafted home utilities. Made from completely natural yarn, these products ooze of love and care. Every piece is a product of hard work. Perfected to look and feel good, these can be yours too.

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You can either purchase from what I already have on display at our home, or place an order for something special to be made. Send me your design, colors and I’ll get back to you with a quotation and time required. Remember, for me, each item is special, requiring precise craftsmanship and hard work.

Use the form below to let me know what you actually need and let me create it for you.

Some ready to use products are also available from time to time at Maini’s Hill Cottages. Do ask for these when you plan your stay there.