What is a homestay? How is it different from a hotel, guest-house, or a resort?

At the heart of a homestay is the idea of opening one’s home to welcome guests from all over the world. Our homestay is no exception; it’s a family home where we enjoy hosting travelers who are seeking a comfortable and authentic experience. In our case, our family members chose to live closer to a larger city for education and health reasons, and we decided to open our doors to selected guests whenever we have space available.

We believe that a homestay should be a place where guests feel at home and are treated like family. Whether you’re looking for a short break or an extended stay, we invite you to experience the warmth and hospitality of our homestay. We offer the best of both worlds – a comfortable home and a memorable stay for our guests

If I book only one room, will the other rooms in the cottage be given to other people?

No, at a time only one family or group stays in the cottage. The unused rooms in the cottage are left vacant and maybe kept locked. For us, privacy and comfort of our guests is important.

Why are the guests not allowed without prior reservations?

Ours is a homestay. We do not even have a check-in desk or front-desk. We have to plan everything, from A to Z, for every guest we take in. From preparing the rooms, to getting kitchen supplies as required. This takes time. So, we do not allow guests without prior reservations.

What about food? Do you have a kitchen and someone to cook food?

We take pride in offering homemade food straight from our kitchen, where our family members and a skilled chef prepare every meal with love and care. Unlike traditional hotels, we don’t have a menu because we believe that every guest is unique and has different food preferences. We take the time to discuss with our guests to understand their likes and dislikes so that we can customize our meals accordingly. Our food is complimentary and not charged, as we consider our guests as an extension of our family. So, come and indulge in our delicious and personalized culinary offerings during your stay with us.

Is room-service available?

We provide a unique dining experience in our garden, where both our family and guests can enjoy meals together. While we do not offer food inside the cottages, the outdoor dining experience is liked by all of our guests. We ensure that the rooms are cleaned and beds made to our guests’ preference.

Do you have have TV?

No, we don’t have have TV. We don’t have playstation or x-box either. If you love to sit with your family and friends, spend a quiet evening talking and connecting with each other, then you will enjoy at our place.

What restrictions are there for the guests?

Use common sense and abide by the rules. This is the most important thing.

Apart from these, we have some basic restrictions like – no smoking inside the house, and no smoking even outside if there are small kids nearby. No loud noise/music at night time. Anything that hurts the religious feelings or sentiments of the local population is not allowed. Basically, as any good person would live in his home, we expect the same from our guests.

Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate pets in our cottages due to our hypoallergenic standards. However, we understand that pets are important members of your family, and we’d be happy to help you find alternative homestays that are pet-friendly.

Do the owners or family members of the owners also stay on the property?

Yes, this is our home. We stay here. However, as we mentioned above, we spend a lot of time at another place nearby. So, whenever you visit us, you can still expect someone from our family to be there. Sometimes all of us might be there. However, rest assured, your privacy and need for your own free time are always respected and none of us will bother you with that.

How are the internet, mobile connectivity, and power supply?

The Internet is fast enough to have online meetings and for general use. Streaming video works fine but apart from urgent and important work, we recommend keeping away from the internet and enjoying the place. Detoxify digitally too. Most of the mobile networks are available seamlessly in most parts of our property. For power supply, we generate our own power from the sun. We also have a battery backup to supplement the power supply.

What about running hot water and heating?

We have geysers in bathrooms for hot water, available 24/7. However, due to our commitment to water conservation, the water pressure in most of the taps and showers may be low. We encourage our guests to opt for a bucket bath and conserve water and energy. During winters, we provide small heaters and a fireplace to keep you warm. We also recommend wearing warm clothes including thermal innerwear, as a sustainable option instead of relying solely on heating, which helps us keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.