Our Upcoming Project !

Oak Trail is a cozy cottage located close to Maini’s Hill Cottages. It is managed by our own team and provides a different kind of experience.


2 Bedrooms
Cottage consists of two spacious bedrooms on the upper floor. Each of them is furnished with double beds and a couple of chairs. The bedrooms have a very positive aura to to them.

3 Washrooms
There are three washrooms (toilets) in the cottage. Two of them are on the upper floor, attached to the bedrooms. One is on the ground floor, attached to the living room

Open Sitting Area
There is a large balcony that overlooks the valley and fruit trees. On a clear day, Himalayan peaks are visible beyond the oaks. Some easy chairs are also kept there to enjoy some quiet relaxing hours!

Living Room
This is a large hall with a comfortable sitting area, a dining corner, a kitchenette, and a fire-place. There is a toilet attached to the room.

Amenities in the cottage also include

  • Rustic look and environment-friendly furniture
  • Luxury linen of the very best quality
  • Mattresses of high standards to ensure a comfortable sleep
  • Complimentary fresh fruits (during the fruits season)

Other facilities in the property:

  • Kitchen service, where high-quality food using natural and organic ingredients is cooked and provided from Maini’s Hill Cottages (which is just a short walk away).
  • Housekeeping service from 11:00 AM to 5 PM every day.
  • Surrounded by fruit orchards. Pick and eat fresh fruits.
  • Medical help and doctor available on call, any time of the day.

To reach us, follow the directions here – How to reach us – Oak Trail

For reservations and other inquiries – Reservations

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