These are the additional changes we have made to our protocols :

For the Guests –

Covid Test (RT-PCR) – Government guidelines, that are issued from time to time will have to be followed.

COVID-19 Screening – We will be screening each and every guest. Guests will also be required to fill out an additional self-declaration form related to COVID-19 like diseases, apart from the regular registration form.

Social Distancing – Even if one cottage is occupied, we will not be giving out the second cottage to another group. It can be rented only if all the members are from the same family/group. We also try to limit the number of occupants per cottage when possible.

Daily Temperature Check-Ups – We will be checking the temperature of every guest, every day, during the entire duration of the stay. Apart from this, oxygen saturation may also be checked from time to time.

Visitors Policy – No visitors will be allowed except for the registered guests.

Kitchen Service and Dining – The kitchen timings will have to be strictly followed since our team requires time to properly clean and sterilize the dining area. Our team will not enter the cottage during your stay to deliver food. Guests will not be allowed to enter the kitchen.

Linen Change – We will ensure an ample number of towels and proper linen before check-in. Linen will be changed only if requested or if the stay has been above a minimum number of days.

Government Policies – The applicable government policies at the actual time of arrival and stay will have to be abided by. These are subject to change and so please do reconfirm all the requirements before starting your travel.

House Rules – An updated house rules document containing this and some more information will be emailed to each guest at the time of reservations.

Vacant Gap – A gap of 24 hours is maintained in the cottage occupancy between different guests. No new booking is entertained within 24 hours of the prior guests’ check-out.

Vaccination Status – If you and your family have been vaccinated, we will still follow all the guidelines. The vaccine may prevent you and your family from developing complications from Covid-19, but, it does not render you non-infective. You still can give infections to others without knowing it. The antibody level also does not remain constant always. Even the virus keeps mutating and no one knows how effective vaccination will be against the new viruses that it may mutate into.

For the Maini’s Hill Cottages team –

COVID-19 Screening – We screen each and every worker. Regular temperature checks are also conducted.

Social Distancing – No one from the team will approach the guests to less than 2 meters in distance, and will also try to keep away from all the guests most of the time. Greeting only by saying Namaste and not by shaking hands.

Cottage cleaning – of the common areas is done as per the schedule. Cleaning inside the cottage is done only before and after the stay of guests. This is to avoid contact, especially in closed spaces.

Sanitization – We conduct sanitization of each cottage in three steps, consisting of fumigation (or fogging), deep cleaning, and surface disinfection.

Staggered Work Timings – Everyone in the team works in isolation most of the time.

Policy, if Unwell – If unwell, the team member will inform the other members and stay at home. There will be no deduction of payments.

Hand Hygiene – Protocols of Hand-Hygiene are followed by the team members all the time. Ample amount of hand-sanitizers are provided and places to wash hands with soap and water are easily accessible.

Vaccination Status – All the members of our team have been vaccinated against Covid-19. Even after vaccination, all the precautions are followed.

Various Other Protocols – Various other protocols are in practice like methods to clean dining area, sanitation of common areas, methods to reduce contact, etc.