Wild Fruits

Himalayas have their own kind of wild fruits which are rarely found in other parts of India. These are not cultivated varieties but what nature has blessed the region with. Some of these fruits are quite common during early summers whereas for some others, it requires a bit of searching around. Take a walk in our garden and in the right season, these fruits can be found growing in plenty.


Kaphal / Box Myrtle / Bay-Berry

Kaphal or Box Myrtle
Kaphal or Box Myrtle is one of the tastiest fruit found in the region

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Glimpse of the Peaks

Himalayas consists of various ranges. Students of geography divide them into three major ranges. The lowest range is the one that is present in Kumaon region. For many others, Himalayas is synonymous with snow covered peaks of the other two ranges in the north. On a clear day, these snow covered peaks can be viewed from our cottages itself.

Himalayan peaks
Captured in the morning hours when the peaks were visible but the valley was still in shade

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