ReWilding the Garden

Our unwavering belief in preserving nature in its true form is at the heart of our rewilding philosophy. By allowing nature to take the reins, we have successfully transformed a small patch of land into a thriving mini-forest. This sanctuary is now a haven for a diverse range of plants, insects, birds, and animals.

We take pride in our efforts to promote biodiversity and restore the natural ecosystem. Through rewilding, we have created an environment that supports and sustains various forms of life, while also providing a serene and beautiful space for us to enjoy.

Wild Flowers and Apple
Wild Flowers and an Apple Tree
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Glimpse of the Peaks

The Himalayas consist of various ranges. Students of geography divide them into three major ranges. The lowest range is the one that is present in the Kumaon region. For many others, Himalayas is synonymous with snow-covered peaks of the other two ranges in the north. On a clear day, these snow-covered peaks can be viewed from our cottages itself.

Himalayan Peaks
Uncropped view from a 135mm lens on a full frame camera. The far left is Trishul and the peak on the right side is Nanda-Devi

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