Fruit Orchard at Maini’s Hill Cottages

From late spring to autumn, our region is blessed with a bounty of fruits. Wild Fruits can be found all around. From road-sides to deep inside forests. Apart from these delicious wild fruits, we maintain a fruit orchard too. Every day, we harvest these fruits. Fresh from the farm to the plate!

Apricots, wild or hybrid… all of them are a delicacy to enjoy.
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ReWilding the Garden

Our unwavering belief in preserving nature in its true form is at the heart of our rewilding philosophy. By allowing nature to take the reins, we have successfully transformed a small patch of land into a thriving mini-forest. This sanctuary is now a haven for a diverse range of plants, insects, birds, and animals.

We take pride in our efforts to promote biodiversity and restore the natural ecosystem. Through rewilding, we have created an environment that supports and sustains various forms of life, while also providing a serene and beautiful space for us to enjoy.

Wild Flowers and Apple
Wild Flowers and an Apple Tree
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White Clovers and Ladybirds

White Dutch Clover is a wonderful cover crop that we use in our orchard. Apart from making the ground look green and beautiful, it has its benefits. Ladybirds, which are also some of the most beautiful insects in nature also love to make these clover patches their homes. Various other insects also love these patches of white clover.

Ladybird trying to avoid a fall from a clover leaf

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Lichens in our Orchard

Lichens, nature’s wonders, stand as a testament to the resilience of life. Among the oldest living organisms, they offer a unique perspective on the quality of the air enveloping our tranquil cottages. Amidst the serene hills, we contemplate whether the air is truly as pure as our hopeful hearts desire. And it is through the lichens that we gain insight into this vital question.

Lichens growing on apple trees near the cottages
Stags Horn Lichens (Evernia prunastri) growing on apple trees near the cottages. These are quite common on oaks and are used in making perfumes.
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