Aedi Devta Temple

Located about 20 KM from our place is a temple dedicated to Aedi Raja Barsi Gaja (ऐड़ी राजा बरसी गाजा), a demigod who appears in local folk tales. Villagers name the temple simply ‘Aedi Devta Temple’ (also spelled Ari, Aeri, Aidi). The temple is on a hilltop with valleys all around.

Ari Devta Temple
Aedi Devta Temple
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Jageshwar Dham

Just about 50 KM from our cottages are the famous temples of Jageshwar Dham. These temples were built between the 7th and 12th centuries, by the Katyuri dynasty and later Chand dynasty kings. These temples therefore show different architectural styles. The temples are clustered in two large groups.

Jageshwar Temple
Jageshwar Temple in the background with some small temples in front.
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Ancient Vishnu Temple

Nestled among the picturesque Kumaon Hills lies an ancient temple that pays homage to Lord Vishnu. Revered by the locals as the “Pracheen Vishnu Mandir,” this sacred site holds deep-rooted connections to Kumaon folklores and finds mentions in ancient Hindu scriptures such as the “Skandpuran.” The temple’s rich mythological heritage adds an enchanting dimension to its historical significance.

The ancient temple of Lord Vishnu, renovated in a modern style though.
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