Ancient Vishnu Temple

About 9 KM from the cottages, deep inside a deodar forest, there is a beautiful ancient temple of Lord Vishnu. Dating a few thousand years, the temple is still hidden away from the regular tourists. Lord Vishnu is also considered the lord of water. Here in this temple region, two streams originate and merge to form river Padmavati (Panar), which later joins river Sarju.

Ancient Temple
Ancient temple of Lord Vishnu, renovated in a modern style though.

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Birds of Natadol

Natadol is an unexplored region when it comes to birding. Dense forests, some amount of agricultural activities, fruit trees and scattered natural water springs, makes this an ideal location for the birds to thrive.

Russet Sparrow
Small birds like sparrows, tits, canaries, finches and many others can be fun to spot. Watching their antics is a wonderful way to enjoy nature.

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White Clovers and Ladybirds

White Dutch Clover is a wonderful cover crop that we use in our orchard. Apart from making the ground look green and beautiful it has its benefits. Ladybirds, which are also some of the most beautiful insects in nature also love to make these clover patches their homes. Various other insects also love these patches of white clover.

Ladybird trying to avoid a fall from a clover leaf

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Wild Fruits

Himalayas have their own kind of wild fruits which are rarely found in other parts of India. These are not cultivated varieties but what nature has blessed the region with. Some of these fruits are quite common during early summers whereas for some others, it requires a bit of searching around. Take a walk in our garden and in the right season, these fruits can be found growing in plenty.


Kaphal / Box Myrtle / Bay-Berry

Kaphal or Box Myrtle
Kaphal or Box Myrtle is one of the tastiest fruit found in the region

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Driving on the Hills

Hills have their own charm when it comes to driving. Winding roads with their twists and turns are full of surprises. Sometimes there are deep valleys and tall mountains that can be seen and sometimes there are dense forests surrounding the road. If you enjoy driving, then go slow and soak yourself in the natural beauty of these hills.

Road to Natadol

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Glimpse of the Peaks

Himalayas consists of various ranges. Students of geography divide them into three major ranges. The lowest range is the one that is present in Kumaon region. For many others, Himalayas is synonymous with snow covered peaks of the other two ranges in the north. On a clear day, these snow covered peaks can be viewed from our cottages itself.

Uncropped view from a 135mm lens on a full frame camera. The far left is Trishul and the peak on the right side is Nanda-Devi
Uncropped view from a 135mm lens on a full frame camera. The far left is Trishul and the peak on the right side is Nanda-Devi

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Saim Devta Temple

A short walk away from the cottages, there is a small temple. Nested on a hill top, the temple is dedicated to Saim Devta. Worshiped as one of the guardians of village, Saim Devta provides prosperity. Some of the local folk consider Saim to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva.

Early morning view of the hills from the temple
Early morning view of the hills from the temple

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Lichens & Pure Air

Lichens are a nature’s wonder. These are one of the oldest living things. Lichens are composite organisms that arises from algae or cyanobacteria living among filaments of multiple fungi in a symbiotic relationship. These are dependent on pure air for their survival and whenever any pollutants are present, these tend to absorb them and as a consequence die down.

Lichens growing on apple trees near the cottages

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