Usually, I am an early riser. Today, just before the dawn, a drizzle started. The pitter-patter of the rain was so hypnotizing that even after waking up, I once again slept off for about an hour. Later our resident blue-whistling thrush, who has the nest just outside our window, started to sing. It was then when I got up. No fancy alarms can compare with the voice of this bird.

Everyone else is also asleep, so slowly I crept into the kitchen and put the kettle to boil. I am not a tea or coffee connoisseur but on rare occasions, I do enjoy an early morning cup of good tea. With the tea in my hand, I stepped out. The wind was chilling, and the rain that fell had already frozen to ice. Still, standing here, with tea in my hand, and a view to admire, makes it worth the effort.

Today, I have a list of chores to do. First and foremost, stack some wood in case the temperature falls further and I am unable to manage without heating. This is a challenge I give to myself. How far into the winter can I manage without lighting a fire ! It is good for the environment and good for my own resilience. Next chore is to spread some compost over the new planter beds. With drizzles like today and the upcoming snow season, the compost spread now gets time to work its magic in spring. Someone has rightly said, how beautiful a garden or orchard looks in the season, depends on how much hard work has gone into it during the winters.

Slow living also requires some work to be done. The best part comes after sweating out a little. That afternoon nap, that book in the evening, with the soft music in the background, or a chit-chat over some drink.