Just about 50 KM from our cottages are the famous temples of Jageshwar Dham. These temples were built between the 7th and 12th centuries, by the Katyuri dynasty and later Chand dynasty kings. These temples therefore show different architectural styles. The temples are clustered in two large groups.

Jageshwar Temple
Jageshwar Temple in the background with some small temples in front.

Jageshwar Group of Temples

The larger group of temples is in Jageshwar itself with over 120 temples. Some of these are held in very high esteem. The Kedarnath temple in this group finds a special place in Hinduism. It is also believed that the prayers to Shivling first started in this region.

Mritunjaya Temple
Mritunjaya Temple on the right and various other temples in front.

The main temples in this cluster are –

  1. Shri Jyotirlinga Jageshwar Temple
  2. Hanuman Temple (South facing temple. It has been repaired with cement-mortar)
  3. Neelkanth Temple (surrounded by various small other temples too)
  4. Sun Temple
  5. Nav Griha Temple
  6. Pushtimata Temple
  7. Maha-Mritunjaya Temple (The oldest of the temples)
  8. Lakulish Temple
  9. Kedarnath Temple
  10. Annapurna Temple
  11. Nav Durga Temple
  12. Batuk Bhairav Temple
  13. Kuber Temple (located at a small distance from the main group, can be reached by a bridge)
Neelkanth Temple
Neelkanth Temple in the center with various other temples on the sides.

Devotees usually follow the same sequence for their pilgrimage as we have listed above. These temples are highly revered.

Visiting the temples requires walking barefoot in the campus. We recommend planning a trip in the summers. During winters the stone floor can be uncomfortably cold.

Temples on a Sunny Day
Temples on a Sunny Day

Dandeshwar Temples – these form the smaller group of 15 temples which are also located close by. The largest of these is Dandeshwar Temple. The main idol is a large un-carved rock believed to be holy.

Dandeshwar Temple
Dandeshwar Temple

Vridha Jageshwar is another temple that should be visited in this region. It is located a little distance away on a hill-top. Some people consider the pilgrimage incomplete without a visit to this temple.

Jageshwar Temple Art
Jageshwar Temple Art

Enjoy the Town

There is a small street market selling souvenirs and religious items, just before the entry to Jageshwar temples. Recently a museum has also been set up. Plan a day trip and immerse yourself in this trove of culture, history, and religion.

A stream also flows near the temple. Just trek down to it and enjoy the gurgling sound of the flowing water.

Do spend some time walking around in the town. You are sure to see some beautiful old houses, meet some interesting local folk, and maybe enjoy a bite or two of delicious local food.

Shops near Temples selling Souvenirs and Religious Items