If you have not trekked along a creek, you have not trekked at all. At least, that’s what the old village folk say, here in Natadol.

Road Side Stream
At some places, the water crosses roads and forms small waterfalls.

Down in the valley, there are multiple creeks. The water flows down the various brooks and then merges to form these creeks and streams.

Shallow Pond
A number of such shallow ponds exist along the path of these creeks.

One of our favorite creeks in the region is located a little less than 5KM from our cottages, and then a very short trek down to it. There are multiple small cascades and ponds. An ideal addition to a laid-back vacation! Just relax on one of the many rocks and enjoy the gurgle of the water.

Many such cascades form when the water flows on such rocks, that are plenty in the river-bed.

Another of our much-loved streams flows near to this one. It involves a trek on the hillside to reach it. There is a large pond too.

Shallow Pond
The creek forms a small waterfall and a pond.

There are numerous such brooks, creeks, and streams in the region. A simple way to differentiate these terms from each other – You can step over a brook, jump over a creek, and wade across a stream.

Terrace Farming
The road passes through many beautiful orchards and farms.

The road itself in Natadol is short and beautiful. Each turn of the road brings forth new vistas. Trek around on the hillside and you might find your own favorite creek.

For many other mountain streams, all you have to do is drive a little. Ask us and we will guide you. (Cascades & Waterfalls)