About 9 KM from the cottages, deep inside a deodar forest, there is a beautiful ancient temple of Lord Vishnu. Dating a few thousand years, the temple is still hidden away from the regular tourists.

Ancient Temple
Ancient temple of Lord Vishnu, renovated in a modern style though.

The temple is located deep inside the forest and is almost impossible to see from the road-side. Though there exists a small gate and a board indicating the way to the temple but only the people who know about this place visit it.

Deodar Forest
Track through the deodar forest

The track to the temple is also a new one. It descends through a forest of very old deodars, some of them over a thousand years old!

The path too the temple is an experience in itself. If you happen to leave the track, the forest will look even more enchanting. A little distance from the track is the mountain stream that flows over some large rocks. After the rains, beautiful cascades form in this region.

Deodar Forest
Sunlight barely reaches the ground in this Deodar forest.

The temple complex itself is not very well maintained but it is the trek through the forest that makes the visit worthwhile.

In the temple complex, lot of restoration work has been done to bring it up to the modern standards, but still the old statues and some carvings can be spotted here and there.

Old stone carvings
Ancient carvings on some stones, kept in one corner of the complex.

The temple complex also has some new temples with different deities. A cave temple has also been carved out.

New temples in the complex.
New temples in the complex.

Apart from the temples, there are many other interesting things to explore in the complex. The old carved stones and existing remnants of the ancient temple are quite interesting. While walking the steps to the temple, some old stones with carvings of footprints can also be spotted. There is a source of natural spring water too from which the water constantly keeps flowing. The mountain stream also looks beautiful during the rainy season.

Deodar Forest
The tall Deodars make the visit worthwhile.

When you visit us next, ask us about the ancient temple and we will guide you to it.